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This web site is still under construction.  The purpose of the web site is to document the amateur radio (or, 'Ham') activity of Ed Muns, residing in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, USA, and primarily licensed as W0YK.  I also hold a Permanent Visitor license in Aruba, South America, call sign P49X.  And, I have a reciprocal license in Japan, call sign 7J1ACJ.  In the past, I've held temporary licenses with call signs P40X, W0YK/6Y5 and 6Y4A.  In 1993, I was a team member of the YK0A operation from Damascus, Syria.

My primary interest in amateur radio is contesting.  I seldom operate my station outside of contests and prefer the CW (Morse Code) mode of operation over SSB (voice) transmission.  In 2004, I entered my first RTTY (Radio Teletype) contest and have operated the ARRL RTTY Round-Up contest from Aruba in 2005-2012 as well as the CQWW WPX RTTY contest in 2007-2012.  I am the trustee of two club call signs for the Loma Prieta Contest Club (LPCC): KY0W and K6YT.  

I am a member of the Northern California Contest Club (NCCC). I am station trustee for several NCCC club call signs: K6CQP, N6CQP and W6CQP.  In addition, the NCCC has club call sign K6ZM in memory of silent key Phil Frazier, a long standing member and strong supporter of the club.  K6GT is trustee of the K6ZM club call sign.

Vocationally, I am a winegrape grower of premium Pinot Noir and Syrah.  This is a second career after 32 years with Hewlett-Packard Company as an engineer and executive.  I farm 13 of my 77 acres at 2600' in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California, about 60 miles south of San Francisco.  The first harvest was in 2003 and the Muns Vineyard designated wine is now found on the labels of Savanah-Chanelle Vineyards, Hallcrest Terrace Vineyards Soquel Vineyards, Silver Mountain Vineyards, Sonnet Wine Cellars, Vine Hill Winery and Muns Vineyard, his own brand.


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