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2017 P49X Wine Challenge
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North America
South America

From 2-10 January 2017, P49X was operated on 26 band-modes: CW, SSB and RTTY on the 9 HF bands (160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters).  The P49X Club Log page was cleared of all prior QSOs so that the Leaderboard would represent just the QSOs made during this time period.

The top 5 call signs in each of the 7 continents qualify for a bottle of Muns Vineyard wine shipped to a US address.  Including the ARRL RTTY Roundup on 7-8 January, 8380 QSOs were made of which 4372 were uniques.  The results by continent are available on the menu to the left.

The goal of this venture was to have fun and decrease the demand for P4 on many bands and modes.

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